Step-by-Step Installation Process of Roof Silicone Coating in Euless

Apr 23, 2024

If you’re looking to install silicone roof coating on your trailer in Euless but don’t know how to do it, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog can serve as your perfect guide to learning the step-by-step process of applying an everlasting roof silicone coating in Euless.

Although this blog contains all the necessary steps for applying silicone coating, the end result still depends on the type and quality of the product used, as well as the attention paid to the details of the process.

To get the best possible result, make sure to carefully follow every detail of the guide.

Guide to Installing Roof Silicone Coating in Euless

Pre-application Steps

RVs and trailer roof surfaces are prepared for installation by trailer coating companies using a few essential steps:

1.    Unscrewing

Remove and unscrew any type of car roof carriers to get an even surface for the application. Protect any type of wiring that can hinder the process.

2.    Complete Cleaning and Drying

To remove any last traces of previous coatings, grime, or debris from the roof surface, always start the process with a thorough cleaning. Performing this procedure guarantees a spotless and clear surface for applying the silicone coating.

3.    Inspection and Repairs

Check for damage or flaws on the roof, such as corrosion, leaks, and cracks. Repair any issues before applying the silicone coating. Metal fillers can be used to fix leaks and cracks. According to experts of roof silicone coating in Euless, if the damage is large, always consider replacing instead of repairing, as larger damages can cause poor silicone coating results.

4.    Drying Period

The roof surface must be thoroughly dry before any more repairs or cleanings are made. As primer has volatile properties, you must completely dry it before applying the silicone to avoid bubbles and bulking.  This step is essential to guarantee the silicone coating’s best adherence and to avoid any moisture-related problems.

Priming the Surface

To make your silicone coating reliable, use a premium primer to improve adhesion and support silicone coating bonding. Apply primer evenly for maximum effect. Allow sufficient drying time to create a smooth surface for the silicone solution. A smooth primer coat is crucial for the adhesion of the top coat.

Applying the Silicone Coating

Over the dry primed surface, apply the silicone coat evenly. Professionals of roof silicone coating in Euless use a squeegee to spread the coat evenly to avoid any sort of puddling and over-application. Remove any sort of bubble for the applied coat, as they can affect the results and efficiency of the coat. You can use heat to remove bubbles from the surface.


It is one of the most crucial steps that allows the silicone coat to bind perfectly with the primer. This resting face depends on the temperature and humidity conditions. Most people don’t pay attention to this step, but it has a similar significance to all of the other steps. Avoid any type of dust and impurities that settle on the applied coat.

Final inspections

This step ensures that no area is left uncoated and exposed to nature, as it can lead to corrosion. Always inspect the applied area for any unwanted mistakes or applications; you can always reapply the second coat and touch-ups if you feel unsatisfied with the application of the layer.

End note

With the help of this guide, MKS Trailer Coating Company guarantees that silicone coating is applied to RVs and trailers in Euless properly, enhancing the longevity and durability of the roof of your car. Our staff follows each of these steps with complete responsibility so that our clients get the best roof silicone coating in Euless.

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